Reclaim Your iPhone Storage Space With PhoneExpander

If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch then you are likely familiar with the warning “you are almost out of storage space” or the error message “there is not enough available storage space on this device.” This is particularly troublesome when it happens as you are trying to take an important photograph or video. The most common ways to clear storage space from your device are cumbersome and time consuming. They usually involve deleting old podcasts, removing music, deleting text messages, clearing your Safari cache and more. This is not a useful process when you are pressed for time, which is all the time.

There is a new app called PhoneExpander by Nice Mohawk that eliminates a lot of the hassle of creating more storage space. PhoneExpander officially supports iOS 7 or later, though the developer says he has also tested it on older iOS versions (iOS 5.1.1 or later) and the installation was successful on the older versions as well.

Here’s how it works. Download PhoneExpander. Unzip the file and copy the app into the Applications folder. Launch the app. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac. Once it is connected you will see a “device connected” message. It will reveal how much storage space you have on your device and then give you the following options on how to get more space: Clear Temporary Files, Remove Apps and Clear Photos.

Clearing Temporary Files

Temp files are cache files that your apps store on your device in order to make the apps launch faster. The cache files eventually take up a lot of your storage space. There is no reason you can’t deleted them, however. Deleting the temp files are safe because doing so does not delete your settings and login information and passwords.


Clicking the Clear Temporary Files Button will bring up the list of apps on your device along with the amount of storage space taken up by temporary files by each app. It will show you how much storage space you can reclaim when the temp files are deleted from the apps. The default setting is that PhoneExpander will select all the apps. If you want to pick and choose the apps, simply deselect the apps that you do not want to clear.

Click the Clear button and the temp files will be deleted. When finished, the PhoneExpander will display a message about how much storage space has been freed up.

Removing Apps

Removing unused or rarely used apps is one of the top ways to reclaim a lot of storage space. With PhoneExpander you can do this quickly and easily. The only thing to remember is that deleting an app deletes everything unless the data is stored in the cloud. Gamers will want to be aware of this and may prefer to backup the information into the cloud first.

To remove apps, first click on the Remove Apps button.Check the boxes next to the apps you want to delete and then press the Remove button. Although you can also delete the apps manually, PhoneExpander lets you do this much faster and without constant prompting by the dialogue buttons for the individual apps. Clicking the delete button deletes everything for you without further intervention.

Clear Photos & Videos

For many non-gamers, videos and photos take up the most storage space on their device. PhoneExpander has a great way of helping you make a backup of all the photos and videos on your device that are more than a few weeks old by backing them up.


To begin you click on the Clear Photos button. You can remove, or backup and remove, videos and photos by selecting the option you want. PhotoExpander allows you to choose a folder where you want the photos and videos to be backed up on your Mac. By then dragging the slider to remove files that are older, you can remove the files. PhoneExpander will show you how much storage space you can free up according to how far back in time you want to go back. That way you can set the time you decide is best for your needs.
You can also click on the Backup & Remove Files button. Then PhoneExpander will create a folder, backup the photos and videos, and then delete them from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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