The 5 Best Cydia Tweaks for Apple Music

Apple started the digital music revolution by offering users an easy way to download music with iTunes. Prior to iTunes, most users were still downloading music illegally with apps like Napster. Since iTunes was a huge success, many other companies have jumped into the fray, starting the next generation of music services, which involve a subscription model that gives users access to significantly more music. Apple launched its own version of Spotify or Tidal, called Apple Music. However, users’ experiences with Apple Music have been mixed. Although the station Beats 1 radio is great, the user interface is overly complicated and not what users expect from Apple.

Of course jailbreakers have worked hard to improve Apple Music. If you have a jailbroken phone or iPad (using iOS 9.1 through 8.4) then you have options. These are the best Cydia tweaks for Apple Music.

Mix It Up

Playing music in a random order is important to music lovers. Mix It Up adds that option to Apple Music, so you can hear random songs out of order.

Heart Transplant

Most music fans want to be able to add songs to offline listening. Heart Transplant does exactly that. By quickly clicking the heart sign, the song is downloaded for later play.

Gauss 2


If you’re like me, you aren’t in love with the Apple Music interface. Gauss 2 allows users to change that interface with up to 8 options for blur effects. You can also choose primary and secondary text colors and alter the iTunes radio interface, Now Playing, Playlist, Songs list and other screens. The tint, saturation and amount of blur are also customizable with Gauss 2.



Apollo adds new ways to maneuver through Apple Music, including different swipe gestures that can adjust to your preferences in the other viewing modes and also in Control Center and the lock screen. There is also an auto-pause feature that stops the music if you turn the volume down to zero. You can also bookmark your place in the middle of a song so that you can return to your desired position when you return to Apple Music. Some buttons can also be hidden with Apollo, such as the Connect tab at the bottom of the UI, which many people never use.

If you don’t like Apollo, Music Mod is another option for changing the way you interact with Apple Music. The tweak lets you hide anything you want, from recent playlists or radio stations to playback history. The tabs are also able to be removed, like Radio or Connect for example. One of the best aspects of Music Mod is that you can rotate the app to show in landscape mode, which some people really prefer when they are on the iPad.

Custom Cover

If you like looking at the cover art then Custom Cover is a must-have tweak. Custom Cover lets you set custom themes for the cover art and lock screen in the Apple Music app. There are also default themes to choose from if you don’t want to design your own. A fun aspect of this tweak is that you can choose an album and have the phone or tablet display the album artwork on the lock screen. It can be modified to show the artwork for whatever song and album Apple Music is playing.

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