Apple Seeds iOS 9.3 Beta 4: But What about Apple Pencil and an Untethered Jailbreak?

Attention jailbreakers: it’s about to get real! That’s because on Monday, Apple seeded iOS 9.3 beta 4 to registered iOS developers. That means the company is one step closer to a public release of iOS 9.3 – the event which is expected to trigger either an immediate jailbreak of iOS 9.3, or a jailbreak of iOS 9.2.1.

What was new in iOS 9.3 beta 3?

The third beta of iOS 9.3 was seeded two weeks ago. The major changes for that version of iOS 9.3 included NightShift, which is Apple’s version of f.lux. NightShift is meant to protect your eyes from bright screens by making the screen warmer as light conditions decrease. Touch ID for Notes, improved security for devices that don’t have Touch ID, a new logarithm for News to give users better recommendations, and revisions to the Health app so it mirrors the user interface and functionality found on the Apple Watch.

What about iOS 9.3 beta 4?

The small changes this round suggests that Apple believes 9.3 is fairly stable. There is only one significant alteration in the 4th beta: a revision of the NightShift application in the Control Center when it’s brought up by the user. The NightShift icon is now located in the middle of the screen. Some developers have noted that it is a bit too similar perhaps to Apple Flashlight, so the company may end up removing or altering Flashlight’s icon. There are no other major changes, which strongly indicates that release of 9.3 is imminent.

Is Apple taking away features of Pencil?


The early 9.3 betas removed most of the functionality of Apple’s vaunted Pencil, limiting its use to drawing apps only in the iPad Pro. Users have been in a panic, since many people having been dying to get their hands on Pencil. Apple released a statement reiterating its commitment to Pencil, stating that the company would be bringing back the Pencil functions in the next beta of iOS 9.3.

When will iOS 9.3 receive its public release?

The last two versions of iOS were released on a Tuesday, which means that one way to estimate the next one is to go two weeks out from Tuesday, making it on March 8, 2016. However, as we previously noted, if there is indeed an Apple event on March 18, that may be a more likely time for the company to rollout the iOS 9.3 operating system so the new devices will ship with it.

What about a jailbreak?

Jailbreakers are impatient, but as we discussed earlier, we once waited for nine months before a new untethered jailbreak appeared. When the jailbreakers have a new utility ready they usually wait for 1-2 weeks to release it, but we are already well past that schedule for iOS 9.2.1, which was released on January 19, 2016. Now it appears that there will not be an untethered jailbreak of 9.2.1. It’s more likely that jailbreakers are just waiting for the release of iOS 9.3 before making their move.

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