More Jailbreak Tweaks and Apps for iOS 9

The next untethered jailbreak is still not ready (don’t believe the rumors of a “partial” jailbreak.) There are still great tweaks and apps for iOS 9 despite the lack of news on that front. IOS 9 has fun things to exploit, so here are a few we haven’t written about in awhile.


Activator is one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks you can get. The iOS 9 version is the best yet, as it helps you assign custom actions to gestures and button presses. Since customization is the name of the game in jailbreaking, this will please anyone who wants to use their iPad or iPhone their way. Launch a certain app with a double-finger swipe, or add in custom events for 3D Touch. The latter is a new feature of the iOS 9 Activator, meaning you can change what happens when you press icons long, or when you do a hart press on the screen.



If you don’t like Winterboard or you have iOS 9 (Winterboard hasn’t been updated), there is still an awesome theming app for your pleasure. Anemone works with iOS 9 out of the box. It allows you to customize the look of iOS and skin your device your own way, with themes, music, icons and other personalizations for your phone or tablet.



iOS 9 added a very handy option that lets you go “back to” the page before, following a link from one app to another app. The only problem with it is that it doesn’t always operate in an unobtrusive way. BreadcrumbsAway allows you to swipe the back button so it disappears and you can get access to your app.



If you want to customize your settings in Control Center, CCSettings can do that for you. That means you can eliminate things you don’t actually use, whether that’s Wi-Fi toggle, Airplane mode, or Location Services. You can add things to Control Center as well, like a Personal Hotspot. New for the iOS 9 version is a Low Power Mode, which helps with that all-important quest for maximum battery life.



If you want to retain some control about what other people see when they peek over your shoulder, you should get HideMe8. It customizes small things so you feel free to browse at your leisure. This includes icons in the lock screen, notifications, icons in Control Center, stock apps you never use, and much more.



One of the best things in iOS 9 is 3D Touch on both the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. This enabled what is Quick Actions. When you hard press on apps, menus pop up to take you to the specific areas of the app you want to access right away. This means you can hard press and get directions directly to your house, for example. RevealMenu brings this function to people who have older devices. Hold on an icon to bring up the Quick Action menu and it’s almost like owning an iPhone 6.

Spotlight Be Gone


Spotlight is a powerful search function. However, it is also a gateway to your entire device, communications, contacts, and well, your entire life. SpotlightBeGone is another unique way to give privacy and security to your device. It kills everything so Spotlight is simply gone.

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