Using Split-Screen on an older iPad is Possible With Medusa

One of the most exciting new features of iOS 9.1 is the ability to use a split-screen view option to have multiple windows on display at the same time. This feature (officially called Split View Multitasking) is particularly helpful for work and education contexts, where people frequently need to read a document or webpage and take notes in Word. El Capitan makes it possible to simply have both screens up at the same time, eliminating the toggling back and forth which slows down your work considerably.

Unfortunately, if you have an iPad that is older, Apple did not release an update that will change the features of your iPad. The company’s goal is to convince you to buy an iPad Air 2 or the upcoming iPad Pro. However, you no longer need an Air 2 if you have a jailbroken iPad.

How to Jailbreak Your iPad

To take full advantage of the Split View Multitasking capability on the older iPad, you need to start by jailbreaking the tablet. This is not a complicated process. Your jailbroken iPad will need to be running iOS 9 for the new features to work.

How to Install Split View Multitasking

In order to enable the jailbreak tweak that will give you Split View Multitasking, you first need to check that your device meets the following technical requirements:

First ensure that your iPad is running iOS 9. Second, check that your battery has at least a 50 percent charge. Third, make sure you have enough free memory for the install. Fourth, create a backup of all your data before installing anything. You do not want to have something go wrong and lose all of your important information.

To install the tweak, take the following steps:

1. Open Cydia on your jailbroken iPad running on iOS 9.

2. Add the repository to your Cydia sources. You can do this by just tapping the Sources tab. Then hit the Edit button on the top-right of the screen.

3. Tap Add on the top-left. Then go ahead and enter in the text box. Tap Add Source. Wait for a few moments while Cydia compiles it.

4. Download Medusa and install the tweak. Medusa will enable the Split View multitasking feature on your older iPad.

Once Medusa has been activated, you can then use Split View Multitasking. You do not need to adjust the settings to enable the feature. Simply open any app by swiping inwards from the right side of the screen, which brings up Slide Over. Slide Over is a new feature that lets users open an app quickly to perform a task, like replying to a text or checking your Twitter feed while still using any other app. You can then slide over to put the app away.


To use, then scroll to select any app that is visible on the list, and open the app. You can tap as well as hold the separator between the different apps, and the separator can be dragged across the screen. The size of the app windows are also fully adjustable, giving you exactly the screen view that is right for your project.

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