What Jailbreakers Can Expect from Apple’s New iOS 9.3 Beta

Apple has released its iOS 9.3 beta to developers. From the looks of things, this will be a significant update, probably the last one before Apple readies iOS 10. These features should be of great interest to the jailbreaking community. The size of the update makes it more certain that jailbreakers will have their work cut out for them to jailbreak iOS 9.3. Although a hacker has shown a video jailbreak of 9.2.1, there has not been any publicly released jailbreak. After a few days of previewing the changes, here’s a roundup of what you can expect from iOS 9.3

Apple TV


Apple TV enthusiasts will be happy to know that it gains better voice control in iOS 9.3. although you can still use Siri, the latest version of tvOS will bring dictation as another option. That ends the days of using the on-screen keyboard to find things. Bluetooth keyboard support is also being added.

The new beta also adds support iCloud Photo Libraries and Live Photos,, which can now be integrated with Apple TV. In iOS 9.2, Apple brought a new look for the App Switcher interface and MapKit support for developers.

iOS 9.3 and touch

Apple took a page from the jailbreakers’ handbook by introducing Night Shift, which changes the display to show warmer colors in lower light conditions. It also brought new 3D Touch shortcuts to several Apple apps, including fast access to Bluetooth, WiFi and Battery settings in the Settings app. Quick Actions are now available to iPhone 6S users for Weather, Settings, Compass, Health, App Store, and iTunes Store.

Live Photos for Mac

Apple continues to push Live Photos in its platforms. The latest OS X update brings full support for Live Photos within iMessage.

iOS 9.3 general


As with any incremental update, the iOS 9.3 beta includes lots of bug fixes. Adjustments have also been made for telephone carriers. Verizon customers will now be able to make calls over Wi-Fi using the WiFi Calling feature, rather than through their cellular operator, which is how it works now. In addition, the Apple News app has been revised to deliver even more personalized content.

Notes for OS X

Apple has been shaking up its Notes app to produce significantly better performance. In iOS 9.3, Notes introduces the capacity to “password protect individual entries behind a single secure password,” as reported by 9to5Mac. The release also introduced support for Touch ID-secured Notes.

iOS 9.3 Health app

Apple wants to close the gap between it and other wearable fitness trackers by making Watch more analytical. There is now an Apple Watch like Activity Viewer within iOS 9’s Health app. The Viewer is a better way for users to analyze and act upon the information gathered by the app.


For those of you using CarPlay, there is more support through the intro of more personalized content. CarPlay now adds a “new” and “for you” selection of recommended tracks. Maps has a new “Near You” feature that shows you places on your route that you may be interested in.

Apple Watch: Maps

Apple continues to refine Apple Maps for Watch. Now there are new Maps tools, including a search by Yelp, plus the ability to launch from your home and work locations in addition to your current location.

What to Expect

Apple is testing new betas and there will be a March 15 Apple event, which may be designed to spur iPad sales. Experts believe the iOS 9.3 will ship on or near the event.

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