Apple Watch Jailbreak Wish List: No Stock Apps, Third-Party Watch Faces and More

While we’re waiting for a jailbreak of iOS 9.2.1 or 9.3, it’s worth revisiting the possibility of a jailbreak for Apple Watch. It has been nearly one year since Watch debuted and we now have a better idea of its capabilities and limitations. An Apple Watch jailbreak would make the Watch more user friendly and could turn a pretty good experience into a great one.

In 2015, three well known developers, Steve Troughton-Smith, Saurik and Adam Bell, were able to hack the Apple Watch on watchOS 2 to run truly native apps on the device.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 12.47.19 PM

They got a fully interactive 3D object running on the Apple Watch powered by Apple’s SceneKit framework.

Get Rid of Stock Apps

There are other things we would like to see in a Watch jailbreak. The first would be a way to hide stock apps. Apple’s Watch ships with way too many stock apps. The vast majority of people who have bought Watch reported they are using it to monitor their health and keep track of texts and emails. Apps like Stocks are unnecessary and make the interface overly crowded.

Add Third-Party Watch Faces

We love to jailbreak our devices in order to customize the way they look and feel. In recognition of this Apple created Complications, which lets you add some predetermined third-party watch faces. The choices are still limited, however. When you see what Android users get to have, it can make you really long for unlimited choices on Apple Watch. We expect that to be one of the first tweaks available once a new Watch jailbreak finally happens.

Changing the Button Functions

Watch has three separate buttons, all with distinct actions. For example, the Side button pops up the Friends screen and the Digital Crown brings up the app layout. Ideally the buttons would be able to be assigned different functions, since not everyone needs to use the app layout screen frequently. The buttons could be changed to let you look at your messages instead, to name one example.

Disable Time Travel

Watch’s Time Travel is a pretty cool feature that lets you preview what you have going in the future to see what your schedule looks like. What is not cool is how easy it is to accidentally move the Digital Crown, activating Time Travel. Unless you have a complicated schedule, travel frequently, and rely heavily on your smartphone and Watch, Time Travel isn’t all that useful. Those of us who think of it as a hindrance would prefer to have a tweak to disable Time Travel.

Stop Double Alerts

One of the key problems with Watch as a concept is that it duplicates many of the functionalities of iPhone, with which it is paired. You notice this most often when the Watch and iPhone are both on and you start getting loud notifications of new messages. Right now the solution is to just get your phone and turn it to silent. It would be much easier if you could tweak something on your watch to silence your phone. Although this seems like a minor issue, it would help Apple make the case that the two devices are not needlessly duplicative.

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    Right now the Watch is way too inflexible for me to be worth the money. Maybe a comprehensive jailbreak would be enough to get me to buy one. As of now I’ll stick with my smartphone.

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