PS4 Jailbreak May Have Been Discovered for 3.50 Firmware: Hacks and Homebrew to New Consoles?

Feel like jailbreaking your PS4? Been burned by prior reports of a workable jailbreak exploit, only to be let down in the end? Then this might just be the report you were waiting for: it appears that a new exploit for 3.50 official firmware was just discovered by hackers. If the exploit is properly used, it could finally result in a hackable Sony console for you to play with!

Design & Trend reported the potential jailbreak first, via PlayStationHax and the Twitter account of the exploit leaker, qwertyoruiop, whose real name is Luca Todesco. Luca, an Italian teenager, has been active in the jailbreaking community for quite some time. Todesco has helped Pangu create jailbreaks for the iOS. Although his exploit reveal still needs more testing to determine its strength, hackers trust Todesco and believe that this will lead to a jailbreak of PS4.

The exploit is a new variant of the Webkit exploit that is used frequently on PS4 consoles that are running software version 1.76. The biggest difference between that and the current bug is that this time around it works on the most recent version of firmware that most people with a PS4 are running right now. This means that the exploits will be useful to a much greater number of people than those running older firmware.

Sources told reporters that people who are active on the PS4 hacking scene already had a working proof of concept that show how to exploit the vulnerability. In fact, they may have been tweaking the concept for quite some time. Although it was actively kept secret by hackers, Todesco made it public on Twitter.


Todesco has shared some details, since many people still have questions about whether it will ultimately be a viable PS4 jailbreak. Todesco said “Bug seems to trigger on PS4 but it’s impossible to distinguish between OOM and segfault on PS4.” What Todesco explain is that the exploit locator is having trouble finding everything they need in the firmware and this must be addressed ASAP. In order to ensure that things move forward, Todesco posted the full code for the bug to a Github page for others to review.

Even though the exploit remains uncertain, everyone is optimistic that the community will come through with more details and fixes for the Webkit vulnerability. Todesco also said on Twitter that “even with minor spraying it complains about OOM, so it’s probably segfaulting.” For those who may not know the language of hackers, let’s just note that this is a positive sign.

According to the PlayStationHax reporter, 3.50 should be considered the new “golden firmware.” He concluded that “I guess we’ll have a lot more games to play now.”

Console modding is not an easy thing but it is always fun. In the best case scenario, the vulnerability will allow currently up to date PS4 consoles to run all kinds of different hacks and homebrew programs. The PS3 had similar flaws, which were then used by talented coders to make homemade games an emulators for that system. Of course the most interesting thing for many people is whether the bug for PS4 could allow for game piracy. Although this is illegal, many people become interested in hacks when ISO loaders are at stake. As of right now, little is known about what direction the exploit will take, but it leaves open the possibility of broad uses by everyone.

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