Apple Stops Signing iOS 9.3 on Older Devices; Jailbreak Rumors Heat Up

After releasing iOS 9.3, Apple secretly pulled the software update for iPhone 5S and lower and iPad 2 and lower. For a time Apple was only signing 9.2.1 for those devices. We know this because on the
Apple iOS developer portal, it shows that there is still no new beta and iOS 9.3 is the newest update. It says it was released on March 21st 2016. However, looking closer, you can see the build numbers for each specific device. For iOS 9.3, 12E234. If you type in an older device like iPad 2, the build number is 13E237 for the exact same firmware, iOS 9.3, for an older device. The build number for iPhone 5S has the same build number as iPad 2. That means Apple pulled iOS 9.3 on older devices when the phones were being bricked by the update.

Why did Apple stop signing for some devices? Because older devices were not being activated properly. This was especially troubling for those who purchased used devices, because it appears that Apple was asking for the original sign-in password for the user who first bought and registered the Apple device.

There is some precedent for Apple’s actions. Apple also re-released iOS 9.2.1 after it was already the public firmware. In that instance, back in February, Apple had to do the same thing to fix Error 53. So in this case, the company had to go back and fix and issue that should’ve been resolved during beta testing.

Does this impact release of a brand new jailbreak? No. What is delaying release of a new jailbreak is the upcoming iPhone SE and the new 9.7 inch iPad. The developers want to see if what they are testing will be compatible with those devices, which carry new chips. TaiG and Pangu plan on targeting iOS 9.3. the general time for the jailbreak should be in about a week, but that could change at any point. The iPad Pro 9.7 inch and iPhone SE will have new information about that iOS 9.3 update.

Rumors are meanwhile still circulating about whether iOS hacker @enMTW has an untethered jailbreak ready to go. The hacker said on Twitter that “9.3 is ready to go, by the way. Waiting for the SE.” This confirms our information that all the hackers want to get their first look at iPhone SE before they release a jailbreak. However, @enMTW’s claims should still be treated with skepticism.

After his bold proclamation, @enMTW set his Twitter to private and prohibited some from seeing his full tweets. His pinned tweet is even more ominous. It reads:

Do not: • Tweet me for ETA/release date • Ask, in any way, about jailbreak release. • Tweet me in foreign languages Tweets = JB delay.

This is a bad look for @enMTW since he was the one making noise about a possible publicly released jailbreak, which he had to know would draw a flurry of attention. In an interview @enMTW said that he couldn’t prove he had done the jailbreak until he released it. He also said he accomplished the jailbreak alone, that he already identified the exploits, and that he just needs a little time to combine everything together. He even went so far as to claim he would release the iOS 9.2 and iOS 9.2.1 jailbreaks to Mac and Windows at the same time.

It was also interesting to listen to @enMTW criticize Saurik. Although he thought Cydia should be better, he also has no plans to release a store himself.

As of now @enMTW should be treated as a big talker, and nothing more.

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