Apple TV 4 Jailbreak: Our Most Wanted Tweaks

Now that Pangu has announced it will be releasing a jailbreak for Apple TV 4, those of you with the newest version of the Apple TV have been commenting on what you most want to see from the jailbreak community.

1. Better User Interface

It took four years for an update of Apple TV 3 to 4 and in that time, Apple made some changes to the user interface that were big improvements. Gone are the stark black and white search bars. In its place Apple is using more color. Still though, the UI is grey-heavy, with a focus on translucence that becomes overwhelming and boring pretty quickly. If you’re like me and can’t stand the translucent effects, then one of your first jailbreak wishes will be tweaks to change up the UI. Obviously WinterBoard will probably become available on Apple TV 4 and its ability to give you many fun color schemes and themes will make it just as popular on the TV as it is on the iPhone.

2. Night Mode

Along the same lines, we would like to see a tweak that adds Night Mode to the UI. Apple has made progress in protecting users from the harsh blue light that emanates from the iPod, iPad and iPod Touch. The next version of iOS 9 will have Night Shift, which is Apple’s take on the popular f.lux tweak and app. Night Shift dials down the strong LED effects as the day goes on. Since the jailbreak community was first to take on this problem, it is highly likely there will be a Night Shift mode tweak fairly quickly.

3. Web Browser
One of the most requested fixes for Apple TV 4 is an easy way to surf the web on your TV. The Seas0nPass tool that jailbreaks Apple TV 2G had browser support. Developer jvanakker came up with a jailbreak tweak to run a native tvOS web browser, even though the Apple TV lacks the web browsing functionality. There will probably be multiple browsers to pick from once the jailbreak is released publicly.

4. Better Gaming Controllers

Apple TV 4 made it possible to use the Apple Remote as a game controller when turned sideways. However, the TV does not permit gamers to use two Remotes for multiplayer gaming. That means you need to invest in a set of third-party game controllers. A potential jailbreak tweak allowing more functionality, including using two or more Remotes for gaming. As of now, Apple only allows certain predetermined third-party controllers to work with its system. That leaves controllers like the PS4 Dualshock 4 on the shelf. Since the TV 4 uses bluetooth to connect to other devices, a tweak to allow PS4 Dualshock 4 access to your console would be a welcome addition for gamers.

5. Chromecast or AirPlay Tweak

The fourth generation Apple TV utilizes AirPlay to let you stream content from your iPhone, iPad or laptop. This is great, but the Apple devices become the workhouse, running your battery down pretty quickly if you are streaming something like a movie. Chromecast is similar to AirPlay, but once you beam the content from your smartphone, computer or laptop, the Chromecast does all the work by using its own wifi to stream the content. Your device is then unaffected by battery drain. A helpful tweak would allow AirPlay to connect to wifi, or to simply let you add Chromecast to your Apple TV.

These are just a few tweaks that you can expect once the Apple TV 4 jailbreak goes live. Of course there will be others, especially those that let you add more content providers than the fourth generation Apple TV supports.

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    I like to see a tool that allows me to restore my jailbroken Apple TV 4 9.0 to tvOS 10.1 or 10.0.1 with shsh2 for tvOS 10.1 and tvOS 10.0.1

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