Brevis is Customization Tweak for 3D Touch Shortcut Menus


Developers still haven’t stopped toying with 3D Touch, even now during a period when jailbreaking feels like it is at a standstill. There have been dozens of tweaks to add menu items, add 3D Touch-like features to older Apple devices, change notifications, and more. Brevis is a new tweak that lets you change the menus of the 3D Touch. It is the first tweak to tackle this area.

Brevis will add that familiar level of customization that comes with jailbreaking. It lets users make 3D Touch look however they want it to look. The font and icon sizes of the menu items can be made larger or smaller. The text of each item can be hidden for those who prefer to see icons only, and more.

Configuring Settings on Brevis


After installing the tweak, the next step is to open up Settings and navigate to the preferences pane. In preferences you can locate all the configuration options that will allow 3D Touch customization. This is how you refresh the look of the 3D Touch. These options currently include:

  • Just showing the menu connections
  • Disabling the Blur effect that Apple uses for its 3D Touch background
  • Making icon size larger or smaller
  • Making the text size larger or smaller
  • Smoothing out the animations that display when the menu is closed or open
  • Enabling or disabling the highlight on the menu


Once you are satisfied with the changes, then you can go backward to the main page of the preferences pane and tap “Save to activate changes.” It’s as simple as that. For people who definitely like tweaking every visual available on their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices, this is a tweak that you’ll want to have.

Overall Recommendation

In terms of what else the tweak could offer in the future, there are some more customizations that would be good to try out. Changing text color or removing menu items would both add to the experience. The developer will hopefully add more options if people demand it. Right now it is just $1.00 from Cydia’s Big Boss Repo. It is compatible with iOS 9.1 or lower, since as of this date it is only possible to jailbreak iOS 9.1 or lower. The tweak works very well with other jailbreak tweaks that allow you to use 3D Touch on an older device.

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    Good review. I read this other guy’s recomendation on Brevis an he was like “i don’t recommend because it’s too pricey.” Dude – it is 1 dollar. So that extra 1 cent was a dealbreaker

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