Customize Your Jailbroken iPhone or iPad with Winterboard

For people who have yet to upgrade to the iOS 9.0, which was recently substantially modified by Apple, there are many ways to customize your jailbroken phone. One of the most sought-after tweaks for any iPhone, iPad, or iPod 2.0+ is always the ability to change the look of the user interface. User customization means that you are not stuck with the boring iOS designs. Cydia founder Saurik (Jay Freeman) created a jailbreak which gives you the flexibility to change the way your iPhone or iPod 2.0+ looks. The tweak, called Winterboard, maximizes your ability to add dynamic themes to devices running all versions of iOS 8.

What is Winterboard?

Winterboard is a jailbreak app that allows you to customize Springboard, which is the app which customizes iPhone. When you install Winterboard on your jailbroken iPhone or other devices (running iOS 8), you will be able to change the icons, customize applications, adjust status bar graphics, change iPhone dock graphics, change wallpapers and install brand new themes. Sounds are also included in the tweak. If you want video wallpaper, this can be done through WinterBoard. Winterboard is so powerful that it allows you to theme almost anything you want.

How to Install

First, make sure you have Cydia installed in your jailbroken device.

Then go to the sections tab, which is at the bottom of the screen. Then go to the System Menu. Locate the Winterboard icon and press it.

On the next screen, you will be asked to confirm the installation. Select confirm in the top right of the screen and the installation will begin. Winterboard setup will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Once installation is complete, press the Big Reboot Device button. After the device reboots, you can find the Winterboard icons within the iPhone Springboard. Simply press the button to launch Winterboard.

After you download and install Winterboard, you can update your device with one of hundreds of themes and teaks.

Where to Get Help

The iOS Themes subreddit at has tons of great advice, ideas and updates that help you manage Winterboard. There are also frequent announcements about the newest themes. You can also visit ModMyi, where there is a great forum that has lots of activity from themers.

Fun Themes

There are many excellent themes, but here are a few of my favorites:

1ONE is one of the most popular themes, enabling you to have over 200 icons in 7 different styles, 7 iWidgets including RSS and Twitter in different sizes. ($2.99, Modmyi)


The Mugi Winterboard Theme by @hiznfiz is fun and will refresh every button on your device. And it’s free! (Free, Add to Cydia)


The Mel Winterboard Theme by @Chris59_Design supports 450 icons and themes every single button on the device. ($3.00 Modmyi Repo, Cydia)


Cherry Winterboard Theme by @Xarnyx is colorful and minimalist with rounded icons. (Free, Modmyi Repo, Cydia)


Flawless HD 9 by McVirk is a beautiful theme with milky white icons. The theme includes 3 iWidgets and more than 50 custom icons. ($1.99, Modmyi)



If you are running a version of iOS 8.0, you will love customizing your device with Winterboard!

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