Everything We Learned from Apple’s March 21 Event: Apple iPhone SE, iOS 9.3 and More

On March 21, 2016, Apple CEO Tim Cook headlined Apple’s event, introducing a new mini-iPhone and a super fast iPad. Here are the highlights from Apple’s event.

Apple Watch


In the year since Apple Watch’s launch, Watch has become the #1 selling smartwatch in the world. Apple is now offering new woven watch bands in a variety of primary colors. New sport and leather bands with new colors are also being offered for the first time. The watch will also retail for $299, making it available to more people.

Apple TV

Apple TV made important upgrades, such as allowing Siri to search with dictation and search the App Store. Apple TV finally resolved a thing most users were missing, which is the presence of folders to let you organize the system. Folders are now there for your organizing needs. The company shoed off new apps such as HBO, Kodi and Grub Hub, all accessible on its TV. One of the benefits of iOS 9.3 is that you can finally add your entire iCloud photo library to Apple TV, including showing Live Folders on the big screen.



As was long rumored, Apple announced a special 4-inch iPhone, bucking the trend toward larger and larger phones. Cook said Apple sold 30 million 4-inch iPhones in 2015 alone, which convinced the company that for some, smaller phones are simply preferred. Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone is officially called the iPhone SE. The iPhone SE is the most powerful 4-inch phone ever created. It can play graphic-intense games in part due to its Apple A9 chip. With its embedded M9 motion processor the small phone will get the same performance as iPhone 6S, which double the speed of iPhone 5S. Same graphics performance (3x faster than 5S). Processor is always on, enabling features like all-day fitness tracking and hands-free Hey Siri.

Other features of the iPhone SE:

  • 12MP iSight Camera
  • Live Photos
  • Retina Flash with True Tone to end dark selfies
  • 4k Video which can be edited with iMovie right on the phone.
  • High-speed wi-fi, 3x faster than iPhone 5s
  • Touch ID
  • Retails at $399.00.

iOS 9.3

The biggest update since iOS 9.1, iOS 9.3 gives users new features and upgraded security. Responding to studies showing exposure to blue light in the evening makes it difficult to sleep at night, Apple is releasing Night Shift, its version of the jailbreak app f.lux, to automatically shift colors to the warmer spectrum,at night. This reduces the blue light affect that interrupts your sleep and hurts your eyes.

  • Notes: Apple explained that Notes is one of the most popular apps on the platform. And iOS 9.3 gives users the ability to protect their personal notes with a passcode or fingerprint (Touch ID).
  • Health was updated to show suggestions on which of the hundreds of fitness and health apps to download.
  • News┬áis faster and more personalized in iOS 9.3 and suggests editor’s picks and trending topics.

Car Play

Every major car brand will now integrate Car Play, with 100 models already offering it. IOS 9.3 adds ‘new and for you’ to Music and selections based on your preferences. Maps adds a ‘nearby’ feature letting you find maps, gas stations, food and more.



With iPad, Apple showcased an entirely new iPad Pro based around 9.7 inch retina display that weighs less than one pound. The size remains the most popular seller for Apple because of its portability. The major features of the iPad are:

  • Lowest reflectivity, 25% brighter than iPad Air 2, wide color gamut
  • True tone display, two new ambient light channels
  • Four speakers, twice the audio volume of iPad Air 2
  • Apple’s fastest chip ever, the A9X
  • Hey Siri
  • Lighting SD Card Reader
  • USB Card Reader
  • Lighting Charger
  • 4 finishes including rose gold
  • 9.7 inch retina display
  • $599.00; 128 gigs 749; and for the first time ever, an iPad Pro with 256 gig storage.

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    Overall not that exciting of an event. When on 1 the major “upgrades” is siri searching [failing to search] more things, you know that innovation is dead.

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