Jailbreak Tweak Lets You Dictate Your Emojis

iOS has excellent dictation features that just keep getting better. Siri allows you to Google for information, get directions, and call mom all without using your hands. Apple also added a good dictate-to-text feature that makes it easy to dictate text messages, emails and even blog posts on the run. You can dictate almost anywhere, as long as you have dictation enabled on your iPhone. Go to General > Settings > Siri and turn Siri on. Siri must be turned on in order to use the dictation system,even if you do not use Siri.

The Siri transcription system is pretty accurate. It may be slightly better on iPhone since it is easier to hold the iPhone closer to your mouth. Although you certainly do not need to speak into the device’s microphone for it to work, it can help to position the device closer to you when you are in a place with lots of ambient noise.

For those with jailbroken devices, you can add more text recognition with an upcoming Cydia tweak that will allow you to insert Emoji by dictation. The tweak, which is called Emojication, will let you describe your desired Emoji and have that Emoji recognized through speech, inserting it into text.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.09.14 PM

Emojication is by developer Phillip Tennen. Tennen posted a short video to Twitter showing how the new tweak will work. As of now, it is unknown how much information you will need to give in order to activate the Emoji. Will you have to memorize exact phrases in order to activate Emojis? “Insert winky-face” or “Insert Sad Face” or “Insert Flying Burritos” may be cumbersome for users, who may just prefer to use actual words for emotions. Emojis are a shorthand to make communication quicker when typing. The utility may be lost for some users when they are using dictation, which allows for faster communication than typing.

Phillip Tennen is a popular developer of Cydia tweaks. His other tweaks include Popcorn, which allows you to peak and pop on the Homescreen; Epicentre, a passcode replacement tweak; and the popular Docker, which adds an additional row of icons to your device. Once you install Docker, swiping up the dock allows a second row of icons to appear.

Apple ‘s release of iOS 9.1 and OSX 10.11.1 enabled Apple to stay current with the Emoji world, adding 184 new Emojis to the device capabilities. This means Apple now has every Emoji possible in the Unicode standard. Apple’s embrace of Emojis is a bit later than one would expect for a tech company that dominates the creative market. Some conspiracy theorists believe Cupertino realized that Emojis were an easy way to get people to upgrade their devices. They might be right. Users traditionally delay updating operating systems because updating is inconvenient. They also tend to avoid updates that are highly technical and don’t include benefits the user can see, experience and use. Emojis are an easy-to-explain upgrade that consumers crave.

When Emojication becomes available in the Cydia BigBoss Repo we will update our readers.

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