LiveRinging Jailbreak Tweak Adds Android Video Ringtones to iPhone


If you are bored by the standard jailbreak tweaks available for the incoming call screen on iOS, like different wallpaper backgrounds or adding photographs of the person who is calling, then LiveRinging might entertain you for awhile.

LiveRinging is a tweak which replaces the background of the incoming call screen on your iPhone and adds the video of your choice in its place. This is a feature already loved by Android users, who call them video ringtones. For those of you who might want to try this tweak, here is a quick guide.

How to Use LiveRinging to Get Video Ringtones in iOS

Android has many features not currently supported by iOS. Video ringtones are yet another thing that you can add to iPhone by jailbreaking. If you have a device which is jailbroken, you can use videos that play on your screen at the same time a phone call rings through to your iPhone. LiveRinging can also bring this function to iPad and iPod Touch as well as iPhone. It supports many different calling methods, like Phone, basic FaaceTime, and FaceTime Audio.

One fun way to further customize LiveRinging is to assign specific videos to different functions, such as:

  • Unknown callers – to let you know it is not someone already in your contacts list
  • Callers in your contacts list – so you know who is calling
  • Specific contacts in your contacts list – to allow you to give each contact a custom video as well as audio ringtone

When the phone or other Apple device rings, the video will start to play in the background. At the same time, the Accept and Decline buttons will be visible, which makes it simple to use.

Now when videos are normally in landscape, they will be scaled to fit the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch video display in portrait mode. This makes it easier to see and enjoy, since the videos don’t show random blank spaces around the photograph. Of course it also has a downside, since if the video did not originate in portrait mode, then the video is going to be largely cut from view.

Along with video, LiveRinging will also allow the sound to play through. It does this by defaulting to whatever audio ringtone you already have set on your device. For some this will be a good thing, whereas other people would probably prefer to have the audio of the video play. LiveRinging does not give you the option to play a synced audio and video clip.

Preferences of LiveRinging

Once you install LiveRinging, the tweak will add a preferences pane to the Settings app. Here users can configure the tweak along the following lines:

  • Enable or disable the tweak easily and on demand
  • Configure the video that will play for both incoming and outgoing calls from and to contacts
  • Configure the video that will display for incoming and outgoing calls from and to unknown callers
  • Select the video blur intensity so it matches the distraction level you prefer

You can get videos from your Photo Library, which includes things added to your Camera Roll. This means users can download from YouTube or other sources or create the videos themselves.

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    more desperate copying from android. hey folks, just dump your iPhone for Android. problem solved.

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    These tweaks aren’t really my thing – I prefer the productivity ones – but actually this would be nice to have just standard.

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