Pegasus Tweak Adds Picture in Picture to All Apple Devices

The iPad Air has a feature that is coveted by all other Apple users: the ability to use Picture in Picture mode so you can multitask while you are watching videos or conducting FaceTime calls. That’s thanks to iOS 9’s Picture in Picture mode; however, if you own older iPads, iPhones or iPod Touch, this updated feature is not operable. However if you decide to jailbreak there is now a tweak that gives you full Picture in Picture capability. The tweak is called Pegasus, which was developed by Evan Swick. If you install Pegasus, you can enable Picture in Picture mode devices that are currently unsupported on locked devices.

After Pegasus is installed on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, there are no options or settings that the user has to configure. The tweak allows unsupported devices to work in a very similar way to the official Picture in Picture mode on supported iPads that run iOS 9.

The Pegasus installation will add a button next to the pause button on all supported videos. When you press this button, the video will physically detach itself, allowing you to move the video and resize it. You can later reattach the video, pause it, or close the video. Functionally this is the same as iPad’s Picture in Picture mode.


To detach a video, all you have to do is perform a double tap with two fingers, or alternatively press the Home button while you are in full screen mode. This will automatically detach the video. Likewise, when you are ready to reattach the video, simply double-tap a detached video with two fingers and the video will re-dock. The only drawback to the re-dock is that the video stops playing when it its docked. Apple’s Picture in Picture does not have this limitation.

You will love this tweak if you are familiar with what it can do on the iPad Air. For those who multitask this tweak is a must, especially if you use videos. Picture in Picture mode means that you can have be watching a video, detach the video and open Mail to find important information. It increases the flexibility you have with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. However, it still does not support FaceTime. This is a blow for those of you who frequently use conference calls that rely on FaceTime.

The lack of FaceTime capability is the most significant limitation to Pegasus. A more minor issue is hat there are not as many compatible videos with Pegasus. If you watch tons of video on your phone or tablet, then you might be interested in another tweak: VideoPane. Ryan Petrich created the VideoPane tweak by using Apple’s APIs. That means there are many more videos that will work with Picture in Picture.

Pegasus is a good tweak, and the developer is already planning fixes and features in its upcoming updates. For a $2.99 download, it is worth the investment, especially when you use videos frequently. To get Pegasus, go to Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

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