Retro Game SpringInvaders Lets You Simulate Space Invaders on Your Jailbroken iPhone

As much as we love games like Angry Birds, there’s nothing like classic video games to get you excited about gaming again. If you’re anything like me, you have fond memories of cuing up the old Atari to play games like Space Invaders. Thankfully for us, there are many emulators to recreate the old games. But if you just want to bring a Space Invaders-like game to your jailbroken iPhones.

Earlier this week, SpringInvaders launched for jailbroken iPhones. The tweak is $0.99 and is inspired obviously by Space Invaders. Rather than battling with aliens, your job is to shoot down enemy ships. The ships turn out to be modified versions of all the App icons installed on your iPhone.

To move your ship side to side in the same way you did in the arcade game, the tweak utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometer. By tapping the screen, you can make your ship shoot little app icon bullets at al of the big bad enemies. Sounds fun right?

After you install SpringInvaders, you’ll have access to a full suite of preferences in the stock Settings app. Once you get started, all you need to do is try out the different settings and tweak them just the way you want.


The first thing to do is create an Activator gesture, which means you can launch the game with a quick gesture from anywhere on your iPhone. This can be at the Home screen, inside another app or game or anywhere else and launch a new game with a fast gesture. That means that the game will load on top of whatever app you are currently using. If you use the Activator gesture from the Home screen, it loads on top of your wallpaper, and in a great bit of fun, blends itself with colors and tint to create an authentic retro game feel

There is also a stealth mode toggle, which can hide your ship from enemies by changing color from white to black.

Settings include a tilt sensitivity slider and a section where you can set an initial difficulty level.

To play the game after its launched, you maneuver your ship back and forth just like you used to with the joystick. Shoot down the enemy ships with quick taps on the screen. Every time you land a shot, you score 10 points. But if you miss a shot, you will be subtracted by five points. That means you can’t just fire blindly like you once did with SpaceInvaders. Don’t wast a single shot if you are going for that all-important high score.

Another cool feature of SpringInvaders is the spring bomb, which amounts to a gigantic app icon that can blow several ships to smithereens at once. The tap and hold gesture will launch the spring bomb. If you miss, you don’t incur the five point penalty. However, unlike your normal rapid gunfire, the Spring bombs take a lot longer to launch, so it’s an even trade-off that invites you to use a little extra layer of strategy.

Enemy ships don’t shoot at you like they used to in Space Invaders. In SpringInvaders, the opposition ships want to try to make it past the screen threshold, which of course will result in you losing one of your five lives. There is no collision detection, so if an enemy ship breaks free it can fly right into you and blow you up, making it past the threshold without being destroyed.

Unfortunately the game lacks sound effects, so that’s the primary way it doesn’t quite measure up to your youth. Still, if you love retro games, it’s definitely worth a $0.99 download. The game is available at Cydia’s Big Boss Repo.

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