Review of New Productivity Tweaks AttachmentFlow and NoMoreMissed

One major reason people jailbreak their iPhones is order to make their phones more customizable for productivity purposes. Apple’s Messages and Mail apps are powerful, but not completely tailored to an individual’s preferences. In 2016 there have been two new productivity tweaks released for Apple devices that provide maximum productivity.



If you use Mail app on your Apple devices, you may be interested inAttachmentFlow, a new Cydia tweak by VladMax Soft that is now available in Big Boss Repo. This tweak lets you preview attachments from e-mails in your inbox without having to open your e-mails to see them. AttachmentFlow has many configurable options,so that the tweak works the way you want. Since email use is highly idiosyncratic, you can designate your favorite filetypes and ignoring the ones you do not need to see.

AttachmentFlow gives users an attachment style gallery interface right underneath the content of your messages. The tweak works with many different attachments, including image files, video files, audio files, and more, and it shows a preview of the filename at the bottom of the previews.

When you tap and hold on the paperclip button, you will pop open a menu with many options for how you want to see the attachments, including:

  • Viewing all of your attachments in gallery mode.
  • Viewing just attached document files in gallery mode.
  • Viewing just attached picture files in gallery mode.
  • Viewing just attached audio and video files in gallery mode.
  • Viewing attached custom-configured filetypes in gallery mode (configure from Settings).

To open in full screen mode, you just tap on any of the files from any of the views (from inbox view to gallery mode), giving you a peek at whatever you want to see. When you are in full-screen, you will also have access to sharing options, like sending a file using the Messages app, Mail app, AirDrop, and other ways.


NoMoreMissed might be the notifications tweak you’ve been waiting for. One of the drawbacks to many of the tips and tricks for notifications is that the notification only appears briefly while you are busy doing something else. You may not see it, and even if you do, you just forget to respond as you go about your business.

NoMoreMissed wants to help you remember your notifications by allowing you to set custom intervals and reminders. These notifications will remind you repeatedly until you finally acknowledge the notifications. The tweak supports notifications from apps like the Messages app, Phone app, and also from supported third-party instant messaging apps from the App Store.

no-more-missed-settings-Call   no-more-missed-settings-1

You might wonder if this is different from Apple’s feature that gives you the notification up to 10 times. Is is different. NoMoreMissed can repeat notifications an infinite number of times. Apple’s feature is only compatible with Messages, whereas this tweak works for whatever app you happen to use the most, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Thankfully, you can completely customize how often you want to be notified. If you think excessive notifications are a nuisance you can use the app. You will also be pleased if you required constant reminders to make sure you respond.

Repeat notification settings lets you adjust the way you are notified, meaning you can choose by sound, LED flash, vibration, screen undimming and setting them to go off at certain intervals.

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    Usually not into productivity apps personally (i prefer to stay *unproducive*) but attachmentflow might be worth a look. I like that it has so many different ways to adjust for my own preferences.

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    NoMoreMissed is a great app for me because i am on the go constantly and i get sales calls constantly that i find it hard to track.

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