Tether Jailbreak Tweak is the Fast Reminder, Alarm-Clock and Calendar Management Tool You’ve Been Waiting For

We’re all familiar with the word “tether” as it normally applies in the context of jailbreaking. A tethered jailbreak requires the device to be plugged into a computer when turned on, which immediately puts the device into a jailbroken state. If the iOS device is not connected to the computer, it will not load the jailbreak software.

But the jailbreak tweak I am about to discuss has nothing to do with booting your device with special computer software. This “Tether” is a jailbreak tweak available for a $0.99 cent download from the Big Boss Repo. It will let you set alarm-clocks, reminders and even calendar items by simply moving your finger on the screen.

Tether uses the 3D Touch capability of iPhone 6. When you use a 3D Touch gesture on your Home screen, you can trigger the Tether interface. The interface looks like a rounded glyph with a line attached to it. You can drag your finger from the point of origin, moving the line forward. As you do this, a time readout will inform you of the future time. The farther you drag the line, the farther into the future you will go. You can stop and “tether” the line to a fixed point in time. Once there, you release your finger and Tether gives you the option of setting an Alarm, Calendar Event or a Reminder. You can select a precise time for your event. That’s all you need to do to create your event.

The video walkthrough created by iDownload blog will give you a visual of what this looks like in practice. As you can see, once you set your time, the event is fixed. You do not need to bring up another screen or configure additional preferences.

To work with Tether, you do not necessarily need a 3D Touch enabled device. If you’re working with a 3D Touch device, to start, you must perform a 3D Touch on a blank part of the Home screen. You will feel the haptic feedback emit from the phone as you drag your finger extending the line. Older devices work with Tether as well. On older devices, you need to triple-tap and then hold to launch Tether.

This is a fun app to play with but it also solves a problem: the time it takes to set an Alarm, Calendar Event or Reminder. Tether is best for doing something on the fly quickly, when something crosses your mind. You can use Tether when something comes up, such as “drop off clothes at the dry cleaner Tuesday morning.” It is also a great asset for meetings, when your team is creating deadlines and to-do lists. You no longer need to pull up Calendar and slowly enter the dates. Now you can go with the flow, simply adding deadlines with a quick pull and set on the line.

Developed by Phillip Tennen and Evan Luther, Tether is available for iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9. If you like simplifying your life, then this is must-have jailbreak tweak.

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  1. 1

    Neat video. Tenner and Luther also did a dock extension tweak [docker] that works pretty well. Expands your dock to double the capacity, you should download it.

  2. 2

    This looks super fun. I don’t use calendar because it’s too cumbersome to do it on the fly. I’ll check this out and see if it works.

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