Want Round iOS Folders? Get Them Without Even Jailbreaking!

A user has discovered an unusual bug in iOS 9.3.2. which gives you the freedom to modify your devices without jailbreaking. As you know, the most commonly cited reason to jailbreak your device is to give it a different look. Wallpapers, icons, animations, themes, and other customizations are not widely supported by Apple. Although many Apple users are just fine with that, preferring to take what Apple gives them. The problem is that when you see the number of customizations available through Android, you might change your mind, especially with some of the fun third-party apps which completely revise your interface.

Enter a YouTube user named videosdebarraquito. He discovered a minor glitch that gives you the option of changing the wallpaper on iPhone, which opens the door to even more customizations. Now, of course you can already change the wallpaper on iOS. With this minor glitch, you can grab photos and create rounded icons that are different than what Apple provides. You can even rearrange the icons and your entire screen.

How do you get this bug adaptation? First visit the webpage the user set up for this purpose. Then download as many of the tiny wallpapers you see there. To save the wallpapers, just tap and hold on the image, then choose to save it. Then navigate to the Wallpaper setting, select “Choose a New Wallpaper” and then Camera Roll. Once inside, just pick one of the new wallpaper photos you downloaded from the website or one you already have.

And that’s all you have to do to change the look of your iPhone without even jailbreaking it. The icons that at first seem square can be manipulated into round ones if you push them around.


  • If you watch videosdebarraquito’s video, you can see how to get this done and how cool it looks after you downloaded the tiny images.

  • The images for this bug need to be 3×3 pixels. If you don’t have access to sufficiently small files, go to the website and use their images.
  • According to the person who discovered the adaptation, the the round-folder trick is available on any iOS device that can run iOS 9.3.
  • It works on iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPad Air 2. the website also says it works on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.
  • If you don’t like any of the images available, it is possible to resize other images to make this work for you, just remember you are aiming for 3×3.
  • Some users say this does not work on the topmost row of icons, but others have been able to make it work.

Now that this glitch has been found and exploited, no one knows whether Apple will clean it up in an upcoming beta of iOS 9.3.2. As of now however, it works. Although customizations is considered beyond the pale for Cupterino, perhaps they should acknowledge that a huge number of users would like to change their user interface and build in some additional options for iOS X.

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