Three New Jailbreak Tweaks for Keyboards, Rotary Phones and Messages

The jailbreaking world doesn’t stop just because we are waiting for an iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.3 jailbreak (there isn’t one yet). Developers continue to add new tweaks to the lineup. Let’s take a look at three of the newer jailbreak tweaks out there, beginning with Keyhook.


Keyhook is a $1.99 jailbreak tweak that lets you launch app icons from your homescreen using a bluetooth keyboard. This expand on the bluetooth keyboard functionality in iOS 9. All you do is install the tweak and install any keyboard. Once connected allow the arrow keys and the command keys to jump between pages. Use the command button and corresponding numbers 1 to 9 to launch the correspondence apps from the Home screen. Although the tweak obviously works on any iOS 9 device, including iPhone, it is ideally suited for use with the iPad. Although Apple added lots of good bluetooth functions to iOS 9, it still requires you to open apps from the launch screen. You can use Keyhook to launch the apps right from the keyboard, bypassing the touchscreen.


SlideMe is a $1.49 tweak available in Big Boss Repo. It allows you to use a rotary phone rather than the calculator-like number pad. Once installed, go to Settings > Applications and scroll all the way down where you will find a new option for a SlideMe application. Once you restart or respring your device, you will have a rotary phone interface that you can actually dial. Whether people will want to use this for more than a few minutes… we’re not so sure.


Which brings us to my favorite tweak of the month: Nuntias.

Nuntias is an excellent tweak to brighten up your dull user interface in Messages. You can pin and unpin message threads, marking entire conversations as read or unread, jumping between Messages and SMS quickly and disabling the timing indicator so people can’t see that you are composing a message. Once you download and install the tweak, it can be configured under Settings. There are several color options. You can also disable auto-rotate if that annoys you, or turn on the dark keyboard if that’s your preference.

With respect to conversations, you can easily pin conversations so they remain at the top of your screen for easy review. You can also hide conversations so they are not in the general view. This is handy when you don’t want those Peeping Toms looking at who you’re Messaging.

Switching over to the Message View, you can have a custom background. You can turn on the “switch service” indicator button, which allows you to snap between iMessage and SMS super fast. Once you complete your preferences, you should probably restart, since some will not take effect until you reboot. It’s very handy to pin or hide conversations once Nuntius is fully operational, too. Simply tap and hold and a menu will pop up allowing you to pin or hide the conversation. You can also create two lists of conversations: a hidden list and a general list, so you can slide between your public and non-public conversations.

Nuntius is available in the Cydia Big Boss repo for just $1.49.

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