The iPhone 5SE’s Paltry Memory Size Hampers Users and Jailbreakers


The newest iPhone will be released in March, the iPhone 5SE. The phone is not a replacement for iPhone 5C, instead it is an enhanced iPhone 5S. Unfortunately, Apple repeated a built-in problem that it also had in its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. The According to Gurman, the base model for the iPhone 5SE will be a paltry 16 GB. This is way too low for most smartphone users.

Consider the iPhone 5C, which at the end had just 8 GB of storage but was running an operating system that required a little over 5 GB of memory. This limited its functionality tremendously. Many users have been frustrated to discover they had no more memory left after taking several photos and videos and uploading their music and podcasts.

The iPhone 5SE starts at 16GB and has the same problem. The iOS 9.x will take up a very large amount of storage space. In addition, internal storage needs even more room than it did since the iPhone 5C. This is because the photographs are larger and of better resolution. Video is also higher-res, and application bundles are increasing in suggested form from 2GB to 4GB. That means everything about the iPhone demands more.

Apple has a basic response to this dilemma: simply “use the cloud.” This means the company wants you to stream music from iCloud, store photos in iCloud, access videos through iCloud, etc. But this response is laughable when you consider how often you are not connected to wi-fi. Without connection to wi-fi, users are left accessing the cloud through their data plans, often causing you to go over your monthly limits. And that means much bigger phone bills.

Although Apple has made a 64 GB option, it will also cost about $100.00 more, which undercuts its claim that the iPhone 5SE is “almost free.” Apple did a similar play with iPhone 6. A better option would just be making the iPhone 5SE base 32 GB, which is exactly what Android does with its starter phones. Unfortunately Apple continues to disrespect its users with its constant suckering around “free phones” and very low GB starting points.

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    This wouldn’t be a big deal if people would stop and read the fine print. If you buy a phone with only 16GB it seems to me the fault is on you, not Apple for having a 16GB phone.

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    This is what is driving me to Android. I think the Samsungs may get me to bite. Apple needs to stop playing games. Also what is with the headphone jack plan? Quit screwing your loyal consumers, Apple!

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