JailbreakiOSX Download Section

This is JailbreakiOSX download section, where you can download various jailbreak tools for iOS, free apps and wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


From this page, you can download TaiG, Pangu, Evasion, TinyUmbrella, SnowBreeze, PwnageTool, Absinthe, RedSn0w and the iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak tool ‘TaiG’.

IOS Firmwares

iOS is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. Originally unveiled in 2007 for the iPhone, it has been extended to support other Apple devices such as the latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2.


iReb ​​is a very useful tool for fixing various iTunes errors, and it can make your device into a PWNED DFU mode without any issues. Now you can download iReb r7 both for Mac and Windows.


iTools is a powerful iOS manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  With this tool you can easily manage your iOS devices without launching iTunes, and the former is more convenient and practical.

Paid Apps Gone Free

In this page, you can download the most popular free applications for a limited time, great value.


We regularly update the most beautiful wallpapers for iOS users, check out from the above link.


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    my friend his iphone 6 to me n in few months friendship broke down n he lock the phone but the trusted number was my textme number which i forgot the account i just havethe textme number pls help me

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    I have an iPhone 6plus from an third party. well it is locked with icloud. I can’t open the phone could please tell me how to open this

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