iOS 7 beta 6 11a4449d Ipsw Now Available for Download

Last week, we had predicted that Apple would release the sixth beta for iOS 7, which will be the final beta before iOS 7 GM launch in September, but the surprise is Apple released iOS 7 beta 6 build 11a4449d today, that earlier again than we expected. This version only fixed some bugs and crashing issues, the size of update package in OTA is only 12.7 MB.

iOS developers can directly download beta 6 dmg from Dev Center. If your device already installed iOS 7 beta 5, then you can safely upgrade to beta 6 from Software Update in Settings app. Even without a registered developer UDID.

iOS 7 beta 6 released for developers

If your device is still in iOS 6.X, and want to upgrade iOS 7 beta before the public version launch. Then you can directly download the iOS 7 beta 6 ipsw files listed below, and then update via iTunes.

Download iOS 7 Beta 6 IPSW Without developer udid


  • Please ensure that your device is iOS 6.1.4 (iPhone 5), iOS 6.1.3 (Other devices) before upgrading.
  • You’d better restore a new iOS 6.X firmware, to get a clean new system for the iOS 7 upgrading smoothly.
  • If you get an Error 3194 when using iTunes, then you probably need to modify the hosts file on your computer, to ensure iTunes can connect to Apple’s update server successfully.
  • If you frozen the Apple logo and progress bar screen, then you must installed many applications in the previous iOS 6, resulting iOS 7 update extremely slow, to fix that, you can only restore the device to iOS 6.1.4 from DFU mode, then try again.
  • If you get -1 Error When upgrading, try replacing another USB port or computer. If it still not works, enter to DFU, then restore back to iOS 6.x. This error may be due to the damaged baseband hardware.
  • If the iOS 7 Activation error occurred, fix it follow this guide we posted.
  • If iTunes prompts unknown error 6, follow this tutorial for fixing.
  • If you iTuns prompts an incompatible firmware, then you must download  wrong firmware, please check your device model to download a correct file, click here to learn how to download the correct firmware based device model.

Download the iOS 7 beta 6 IPSW Firmware {Unofficial Links}

The beta 6 ipsw for all devices done!

iPhone 5 GSM A1428 CDMA A1429

iPhone 4S All Models

iPhone 4  GSM Rev A 8G  GSM  CDMA

iPad 4  Wifi Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

iPad Mini  Wifi Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

iPad 3  Wifi Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

iPad 2  Wifi  Wifi Rev A Wifi + GSM  Wifi + CDMA

iPod touch 5  All models

If the firmware you downloaded is dmg format, you need to extract it to get an ipsw firmware. HOW TO EXTRACT

This update addresses an issue with iTunes in the Cloud, where some purchases may download or play unexpected items. If you have any devices running previous versions of iOS 7 beta, you must:

1. Install iOS 7 beta 6
2. Install the ResetMusicAndVideosLibraries configuration profile [Clicking the download link in Safari]
3. From Settings > Music, tap the Reset Media Library button
4. Restart the device

Install ResetMusicAndVideosLibraries

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    I already have iOS 6.1.3 on my iPod Touch 5Gen a long time ago. Do I still have to restore it or can I update it right away?

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